Friday, December 15, 2017


PUT ME IN MY PICTURE! commenced at the Sarova Mara Game Camp inside the world famous Maasai Mara National Reserve in early November 2017.

Mara primary school kids on safari setting up their tents during the 1st day of the first two weeks of the month-long KKOS program. 

The kids first set up the tents in the Utalii Camping Grounds where they formed teams Leopards and  Cheetahs for boys and girls, respectively. They competed in setting up their tents and spreading their bedding for comfort. The girls' team Cheetahs won the day, proving once again that girls can "build a house as well as run it." 

The service for tourists at Sarova is great, but the staff go all out to spoil their local kids with mattresses and round-the-clock security. 

No wonder the Cheetahs won the day since the Leopard's are mostly "up-a-tree" as usual, just lounging around in wonder at all their luxury while a few stalwarts make up their beds.

Even though the guys lost to the girls, they are really proud of their new "home" that they have taken part in setting up.

And the winning Cheetahs are simply purring with their spacious comfort. 

THE SPACE PODS have landed and are all zipped up for the night. You don't have to worry about them having security, since the staff enjoys hearing the kids singing in call-response from tent-to-tent for half the night. When all are quiet, you can hear the all-pervading tinkling bell sounds of millions or insects in the Mara Reserve. Fortunately, they do not invade the tents.

The kids came from primary schools near the park, including Sekanani, Emart and the Olmalaika Home which provides a safe-home and education for young Maasai girls who are at risk.

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