Friday, June 18, 2010

Governors' Camp Host KKOS Mara Rianda School Children - May 29, 2010

Colin Smit was away on leave for a while, but on his return he was able to organise another expedition from the local Mara Rianda Primary School on 29th May. As usual they arrived at the camp for sandwiches and a cold drink, a practice session on using the cameras and spent about two and a half hours on the wildlife drive. Instead of a teacher, one of the parents accompanied the children this time. Colin was sure the driver-guides much appreciated a chaperone being sent along to help keep the kids focused and organized in getting the most out of the experience!

Many thanks to Colin and all of the wonderful Governors' Camp staff who have become the most consistent Safari Group to give regular support to the Kenyan Kids on Safari program! The local Kenyan kids , their parents, teachers and the entire communmity greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the wildlife in their own backyard's world famous Maasai Mara Reserve, to drive right out amongst the animals with driver-guides who are also skilled naturalists. Bravo to Governor's Camp!

Sylvester Naimodu, above right, is very happy to have seen many elephants and buffalo, and was amazed to get so close to them while learning their habits. All of the kids get instruction in using individual telephoto cameras while on the drive - often their first time to ever take a photo! When they get back some of their best pictures are printed and given to them to take back to show their friends. The cameras and printers are supplied by KKOS.