Friday, August 5, 2011


Kids On Safari is mentioned in a feature article, “Shivani the Lionheart”, in Africa Geographic (Aug 2011) about the tremendous lion conservation efforts of Shivani Bhalla’s Ewaso Lions project in Northern Kenya where she also furthers the cause of Kenyan Kids on Safari.

“Ewaso Lions has led groups of school children on Safari in Samburu Reserve. For transport Bhalla uses a game vehicle supplied by nearby Sasaab lodge. It’s a successful venture as many youngsters have never seen lions before. Armed with cameras, binoculars and a printer for their pictures (supplied by Kids on Safari) ,the children have a great time.”

Here’s a further note from Shivani:

Dear friends of Ewaso Lions,

I want to share with you the latest issue of Africa Geographic magazine (Aug. 2011) which has a feature article on Ewaso Lions. Science Editor Tim Jackson really captures the threats facing lions in northern Kenya and how our project is working with the community to conserve the big cats. The article describes the challenges of working in this region and why lion conservation is a priority.

You can view the article online on page 54 by clicking on the link below with the password AG (in uppercase).

You can also download a PDF file of the article. Click on the PDF icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your page once you have opened the link.

Africa Geographic is the premiere magazine covering wildlife and environmental issues focused on Africa. Here are some excerpts from our article:

“There are currently about 2,000 lions in Kenya, and about 100 individuals are being lost annually. Few are protected within national reserves (numbers have dropped 30-40 percent in the past 20 years). In the semi-arid north, where Bhalla works in the Westgate Community Conservancy, lions are in even deeper trouble.”

“Managing the Ewaso Lions project in northern Kenya, Shivani Bhalla is indomitable in her quest to involve the community and rally the local Samburu warriors to help save the big cats in their homeland.”